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    Jakobsweg? But that's in Spain, and not in Tyrol!

    Where does the Way of St James actually start? Did St James the Apostle make a pilgrimage along this Way? Why should I go on this Way?

    This website was created for you, dear visitors.

    This website will tell you all about the origins, the history and the significance of the Way of St James, and its role in Europe's historical evolution.

    This website will give you detailed information about the Way of St James in the Austrian Tyrol. During the thousand-year history of pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela, pilgrims in the Tyrol have left many traces behind. Even stones can testify to the constant stream of pilgrims just as much as works of art, written documents, the patronage of saints in churches, coats of arms and place names. The history of the Way of St James is also the history of the Tyrol.

    This website will encourage you. Give you the urge to get up and go, the courage to pack your rucksack, do up your shoelaces and set off.

    Get to know the Tyrol as you've never seen it before! Set off on the Way.

    Ultreia! (Onwards! – the song of pilgrims on the way to Santiago).